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Welcome to the new webpage for Making the Clayton Street Corridor. Here, you’ll find all the information we currently have on the proposed Clayton Street Corridor development – including key contacts, ways to get involved, updates, and lots more!

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What is ‘Making the Clayton Street Corridor’?

Making the Clayton Street Corridor is a project run by a group of academics and artists (see ‘Meet our Team’ for more info on us!). It is funded by Newcastle City Council. Between April – December 2022 we are running events and creating resources that support meaningful collaboration between grassroots artists/creative practitioners and policy-makers.

We want to see the opportunities developed as part of the Clayton Street Corridor champion grassroots artists, to include and address their needs, alongside other artistic and creative groups. This means identifying key needs and areas where investment might make a big difference – and then making those changes happen together.

Hang on, what is the Clayton Street Corridor?

This is a difficult question, because we don’t know what the Clayton Street Corridor is yet. What we do know is: 

  • Newcastle City Council have been funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority to create a Cultural and Creative Zone (or CCZ).  
  • It will be in the area around Clayton Street, so it will be known as the Clayton Street Corridor. 
  • The Clayton Street Corridor has funding to run from 2022-2027. 

We know that many artists and creative practitioners are stretched for time, and perhaps don’t even know this is happening yet. So, we have set up this webpage to try and co-ordinate activity, information and resources – making sure you have a chance to ask questions and have opportunities to get involved.